My name is Samantha Jayne Grubey. I am 21 years old! I live in England.

I have finished university and I am graduating with a BA honsΒ JHS in Theatre Studies and Media Studies. Since I was little I wanted to be a teacher and I am currently doing that. I am taking a year out and then in September 2018 (hopefully) I should be going back to university to do my PGCE and then become a teacher.

On the side though, I am an aspiring author. I have been writing since I was 15, at first it was just a hobby then it became more series and I am now working on getting my novels published. I have a wattpad account which majority of my stories are posted on there, only first drafts though!

In my spare time I like to read (obviously) I have a blog ABookHavenΒ in which I talk about books.

I hope you enjoy looking around essentially what is my world!