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Writing Rituals Tag

So I thought I’d come to you guys today with a tag! I’ve seen this tag floating around on youtube for a while and I’m not filming right now so I thought I’d do it in text based format instead.

1. When do you write? (What time of day/week) 

As long as I am not doing anything, I write all day and every day, but my best time to write is actually at night like past 11pm I can just write them words with no problems and I focus easier!

2. How do you seclude yourself from the outside world? 

I don’t really go out much so I don’t really have anything to be secluded from, my whole family know I write so I can just sit downstairs and write without being bothered.

3. How do you review what you wrote the day before?

I don’t. I just write I don’t go over it unless I’m really stuck on a chapter. I find if I review it I’ll never write what comes next because I’ll be too focused on what I’ve written so I stay away from reviewing what I wrote the day before. I write the story then deal with all that after.

4. What is your go-to song when you’re feeling uninspired? 

This actually depends on which of my stories I am writing at the time, but at the moment my go-to song is Out Loud by Gabbie Hanna. It changes.


5. What do you always do when you find yourself struggling with writer’s block? 

I put headphones in and just listen to music and usually I can write past the writer’s block and if that doesn’t work I let myself have a break and binge watch some television shows or pick up a book and read.

6. What tools do you use when writing? 

Just my mac! I write on Scrivener.

7. What’s the one thing you can’t write without? 

My mac and my headphones!

8. How do you fuel yourself while writing? 

Pepsi Max and food.

9. How do you know when you’re done writing. 

I’ll let you know when it finally happens!



So I haven’t been posting over the last few days is because I ended up in hospital, for the last two weeks I’ve had a problem with my index finger of it being swollen and none of my antibiotics was working on Anita who I saw at the doctor’s told me if it spread I must go to A&E immediately. So Thursday night I noticed it had begun to spread so I told my dad to take me to A&E and they did tests and they said that I needed to go to the hospital so they admitted me into City Hospital that night. Friday morning I found out they were going to be doing

Friday morning I found out they were going to be doing an operation on my hand, now this is only my second stay in the hospital so it was all quite scary. They took me down to the theatre at 2:15 pm, and I didn’t go in until 2:40 pm I had the choice of being put to sleep or having my arm numbed, I made my decision on purely when I could have food. So I choose to have my arm numbed and it was so weird. I didn’t come out of theatre until around 4:20ish and then I had to stay in recovery for like 10-20 minutes and they took me back to my ward. My mummy was waiting for me with my little brother!

So I came out of the hospital Saturday afternoon but my hospital business does not end there on Monday (tomorrow) I have to go back and have my bandage changed as well as physiotherapy on my finger.

This all makes it very hard to get writing done, well mainly typing but I don’t really know where that leaves me with my writing at the minute, I can’t type that well with one hand and I can’t use both of them for the most part. So I don’t know whether that will need to go on hold or I just be patient and type one handed.

I just wanted to give you the guys the basic so you know what is actually going off and I’ve not left you randomly!

How is your writing going? Let me know in the comments below and we’ll chat!


Pep Talk Video from Kim Chance

I watched a youtube video today that I want to share with you all, because on my last post I was talking about the self-doubt I felt and how I wasn’t feeling that healthy towards my writing. Almost a month later it’s pretty much the same of how I’m feeling. Until today I think. I can honestly say hearing what Kim Chance said in that video it helped a lot. I didn’t think I needed a pep talk kind of thing. I watched this video a few hours ago, and although I have not written yet (because I was watching Riverdale) I actually opened up my Scrivener document which I haven’t done for most of July. So I say it’s that little bit of progress.

This video helped me and I do watch Kim’s youtube frequently and she does some amazing videos for writing and she herself has gone through the whole process and she just recently got an agent and her novel is going to be published. So she slugged through the trenches and came out the other end. So for me, she’s the perfect example of someone struggling and doesn’t feel like they can get out the trenches. You should all subscribe to her on youtube she is amazing. So if you are feeling discouraged or slumpy or just not right when it comes to your writing. Watch this video. It might make it a lot better.

Thank you, Kim Chance, for this video. I can imagine it has helped a lot of people all of your videos have, so thank you for sharing your writing journey and picking the rest of us up when we are feeling down. I hope you know that for me your videos make this whole process a lot easier, especially when it comes to the feelings side of writing.



I think we all know the words self-doubt, for most of us writers it is the thing that cripples us. I am very lucky that when I have self-doubt it only lasts a few hours and then I am kind of over it. This time has been different

This time has been different this self-doubt has been happening for a few weeks erm usually for a few hours at a time but now for the past few days it’s been constant. A constant stream of self-doubt and it’s crippling, I think that’s how I would describe this feeling. Crippling. I’ve never actually felt like this before, usually, writing has always come and I’ve been okay with the work I do and produce. Like I’ve had days where I think ‘Oh my work is naff’ but I’ve usually gotten over it and I remember what other people have told me about that although it does need work it’s good and that I have good natural storytelling. Usually, in these situations, I remind myself of that and it helps and I’m back on it and back writing.

I really don’t know what to do right now, erm this time it’s worse. I can’t explain it. And I don’t know what to do with it really. I’m staring at my Scrivener document and nothing is coming out and it’s not because I am blocked or I don’t know where my story is going because I know all that. I just I don’t know what is causing this. All I know is that writing right now it feels horrible and I don’t know why.

You know what does feel good? Eating my weight in junk food, that seems like a brilliant idea right now. I’m trying to push through it and write again, I mean technically I’m writing this blog post so I’m writing but I don’t know.

This is this worse self-doubt I’ve ever had, I wish I knew a way that I could kind of push through and just write and beat the self-doubt. I have no idea how to but if you guys have any clues on how to battle and combat this let me know!