All Too Well


Katie Sparks is a quiet girl. By quiet I mean literally quiet. She’s mute. Meaning that she is treated differently by society, they think she is a freak and they bully her and not being able to stand up for herself vocally, she hides behind her popular boyfriend Peter. 

Peter treats her somewhat normally, he talks to her, he laughs with her. When he forces Katie out to a party one night a few weeks later Katie gets the shock of her life. The popular boy got the mute pregnant. Peter isn’t all that he seems, though, he isn’t always nice to Katie – especially not in front of the other children. 

When her older brother’s best friend Drake comes back into the picture a spark ignites between the two and suddenly she is forced to choose between the two Peter or Drake. Katie struggles to do what is right for her and her baby, Katie has to make a choice but it won’t be easy to do. 

So that blurb is like the best blurb that I have written for this story, there has been a lot of shit ones that have come from it believe me. But yes this story took 2 years to write in total because I just kept putting it on hold.

Word count: 77,506

Current State: The 1st draft is fully finished and it hasn’t been touched since I originally wrote the story. But at the moment because it was written in chapters and there had been a lot of time between each chapter and sometimes things would go wrong, so I need to backtrack and fix the story in the next few drafts.

Genre: Teen fiction/YA

My Goals for 2017: 

  • Have an outline ready for this story.
  • Have character outlines ready.
  • Sort out a timeline to make sure the series dates match up with each other and each chapter they are both included in.

At the end of the redrafting and editing stage, I do plan to try and get this published but only after The Selective Mute Princess is published as this was a spin off to that story. So until The Selective Mute Princess is done this story will stay unfinished and still require a lot of work.