Fighting For Hope

Emily Parker had everytFighting For Hope new coverhing, at just the age of twelve she was made a child superstar. Everyone loved her, but it all came to a dramatic stop at the age of sixteen. Everything came crashing down on her, and all she wanted to do was escape. But how? Suicide? Go on the run and into hiding?

Meet Isabella James, the girl no one had heard of until two years ago. She’s the eighteen-year-old singer, with a dark and mysterious past no one knows of, with a baby daughter called Hope and nobody knows who the father is. Isabella is determined to take all the secrets to her grave but how far can she go to protect them? Isabella gets a hard task ahead of her tell everyone her secrets or go into hiding when she returns home everything starts going wrong for the superstar.

This is a working blurb for the story it was written in 2013 this was actually my NaNoWriMo story for that month, it was a success I won which is always a plus.

Word Count: 101854

Current State: It has just been written there has bee no edits in this story it is the first draft and it’s in a very raw state. As it was a NaNoWriMo novel I know there is probably a load of mistakes in this draft so I am willing to be slaughtered by all the mistakes made. I think the story plot is pretty solid in terms of nothing needs changing or that there isn’t a whacky plot in between.

Genre: YA

My Goals for 2017: 

  • I do not really plan to touch this story this year, it will be mostly next year I try and sort out the story.
  • Maybe get character sheets for them so I don’t have any mistakes on their character developments.

I do hope to publish this story in the future that is the end game for this story but that is long away, as I don’t plan to start redrafting until 2017 this story should be ready around 2018/2019 depending on how the beta reading process goes.