Keep Holding On

Natasha Blake has moved to a new school but she is hiding a huge secret. Her parents have abandoned her leaving her to look after her newborn sister. Natasha struggles to maintain her grades as well as taking care of her baby sister.

Dylan Tyler is the school’s bad boy, but he also has a secret. He’s a werewolf. He’s soon to be an Alpha. He has his eyes set on Natasha. His mate. 

Dylan takes it upon himself to try and learn Natasha’s secret. She begins to intrigue him more. Will he ever find out what Natasha is hiding? 

As they get closer lies, secrets and family pull them apart, but how long can they stay apart for? Natasha can only handle so much responsibility, how long will it be until she snaps and finally let’s people into her life. 

This is the new version of the blurb this one isn’t on Wattpad, it has a different kind of blurb on wattpad and it also holds the 1st draft on Wattpad.

Word Count: 50,086

Current State: Only the 1st draft has been written and again has been posted on Wattpad and is still up on wattpad. That is probably all that will happen for this story right now, I do plan to re-write it but that may come in 2017 where I can focus on it more but that is of course if The Selective Mute Princess has finished editing and it doesn’t require much action on my part.

Genre: Werewolf

My Goals for 2017: 

  • To get an outline ready for the re-write in 2017.
  • To get Character Charts done for my characters.

My end goal is to try and publish this story but it will be a few more years before that happens as it is probably number 4 or 5 on the list for getting ready for publishing. So It’s pretty far down on my list for the editing and things like that, but I do hope to publish, as it was my first ever werewolf book that I wrote. But I didn’t really know much about werewolves so I just winged it and made things up from what I saw other writers do. So I may research it better to see what how other writers write their werewolves.