The Selective Mute Princess


Princess Amelia is mute.

One tragic night Princess Amelia and Princess Ava was kidnapped when they were just 10 years old. Three days later Princess Ava does not return home and is killed. Princess Amelia os saved and returned home. 

Everybody has questions and nobody will get the answer they want, Amelia refuses to talk and shares what happened the three days that both Princesses were kidnapped. 

That was 10 years ago. She is now 20 and hasn’t spoken a word since. For she has stayed mute ever since. The country hasn’t stopped running, the King and Queen have carried on ruling the kingdom, they both still have hopes that Amelia will take over the throne regardless if she is mute.

Amelia refuses to talk, she refuses to let anyone into how she feels, she is scared of the world she has to carry on living in. Princess Amelia no longer recognises the outside world, she still has to learn to rule it though. 

But Shh… for it was talking that killed my sister. 

That is the blurb that I have given my book so far, but it is still a working process and has a few kinks to work out still. It’s slightly expositional in some places on the blurb so I have to work it out, but that will be done after the whole novel is finished.

Word count: 103, 472 (That is the word count from the first draft, I am currently re-writing the majority of it, and I have a feeling by the end of the novel, it could be around 150,000 words. But the word count will probably change with each draft.)

Current State: I have started writing the 3rd draft and I have just started chapter 3.

Genre: Young Adult/Romance.

My goals for 2017:

  • By the end of June the 3rd draft should have 10 chapters.
  • I hope to also have a better working blurb for this story.
  • I also hope to have a new cover for the story and a book jacket to go with it.

At the end of the re-drafting and editing process, I hope to publish this story, I haven’t decided if I am going to try and do traditional or self-publishing route. I have not decided which route will be best for my story yet, I have heard pros and cons for both but it will require lots more research into the industry.

This was my first book I had ever written and finished fully, this story is my baby and is probably my main priority of my stories that are being edited at the moment. As this was my first story I have written which I was probably around 14, it requires a lot more work. But I love the story so I am willing to put in the work that it will require getting this story into the best condition it can be ready to be published. I am determined to make this the book that I try and get published first, I know that it may not happen like that but I am willing to try. This book is part of a series it is the first book in a series.