Too Close For Comfort

Brooke James is the owner of a very successful magazine. Her world is filled with big names and lots of success. So who would have thought that this woman could be hiding a dark past?

When Brooke meets Sebastian Tyler, the CEO of his own Enterprise, her world is filled with a lot of frustration and anger. The pair would like to never see each other again. But fate has its own plans, and after a drunken night that brings them closer together, demons start to reappear. 

When Brooke realises she is in danger, will she go into hiding like she’s already planned? Or will she tell Sebastian, and will he be able to protect her? Find out in Too Close For Comfort. 

That’s the original blurb I have for this story, it was created about 3 years ago, and in that time I have edited once but I do plan to change some of the story in this as I do not like it, so it will be going through major changes sometime soon.

Word Count: 60417

Current State: As I said in the blurb bit, I do plan to change this story a considerable bit, it has had its 2nd round of edits with how it is now. I don’t know if the changes I want to make will work with the plot but I suppose I will be playing around with this story for a little bit. Seeing which part of the plot will work and which part want. The original version is on wattpad, but the new version will not be going up.

Genre: Chick-lit/Romance

My Goals for 2017:

  • I would like to have a working outline for this story and to know if I can get rid of the kinks that are in the story.
  • I would also like to re-do my character charts (they were done on paper, but I lost them)

My plans for this story after I have done the redrafting and editing stages, I would like to look into getting some beta readers and see what they think and depending on what they say, depends if there are any more changes to do. I would like to look into getting this story published or self-publish this story, I still have not worked out the route that I want to take yet.